We want to hear your views on our plans for a new housing development of up to 85 homes at Foss Road, Middleton of Fonab, Pitlochry.


We, A & J Stephen, are a family-owned house builder based in Perth. With a range of prestigious developments located throughout Scotland, all chosen for their outstanding locations, we are now looking to develop a new site in Perthshire for new housing. The site is at Middleton of Fonab, on the south side of the River Tummel in Pitlochry.

At this early stage in the planning process, we want to hear your views on our plans for the site.

Site Location

The Site

The Perth and Kinross Local Development Plan 2019 identifies Pitlochry as an existing Local Service Centre in Perthshire. This means some new development is expected in Pitlochry. Our site at Middleton of Fonab is allocated in the Local Development Plan for up to 85 new homes (Site H38 - shown in red on the Site Allocations Plan).

The site is currently farmland. It is bounded by Foss Road and Logierait Road to the north and east, and by the A9 to the south and west. The site slopes southwards towards the River Tummel but is at a higher elevation than Foss Road and Logierait Road, meaning it is separated from its closest neighbours: the Milton of Fonab Caravan Park and the houses on Foss Road, Fonab Crescent and Bridge Road. A steep road provides access up to the Fonab Cemetery. This road will not be connected to the new housing development and will continue to serve only the cemetery.

An existing woodland separates the site from the closest residences to the west.

Site Allocations Plan
Site Context Plan

The Development Proposal

A & J Stephen are proposing to develop the Middleton of Fonab site for new housing in accordance with its allocation in the Perth and Kinross Local Development Plan. While the plans are at an early stage in the planning process, the site will be developed in accordance with the Middleton of Fonab - Local Plan Allocation. Initial design principles can be explained as follows:

  • An indicative layout for the new homes;
  • New roads and footpaths;
  • An area to be reserved for the expansion of Fonab Cemetery;
  • New planting and landscape;
  • New drainage infrastructure.

Access to the site will be taken from the west via a new road linking the site to Foss Road at the entrance to Fonab Business Park. This route is labelled in grey on the Indicative Site Layout. As part of the A9 dualling works being undertaken by Transport Scotland, an underpass is proposed to replace the gated access to the Rob Roy Way so that farm traffic can freely access Middleton of Fonab Farm to the south without needing to cross the A9. All these improvements are shown from around 2 minutes 10 seconds on the Transport Scotland A9 dualling visualisation available here.

Opportunities for additional footpaths are being considered to the east of the site, including via the Fonab Cemetery route and directly down to Logierait Road.

Middleton of Fonab – Local Plan Allocation
Indicative Site Layout


A & J Stephen want to hear your views on the development proposal.

Due to restrictions on large gatherings as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, no in-person public event has been hosted to present the development proposal. Instead of an in-person public event, a Live Chat took place on this webpage between 3.30pm-5.30pm and 6.30pm-8.30pm on Tuesday 20th October. We would like to thank all those who visited this webpage then to take part.

We invite you to submit comments and queries via the email address in the ‘Contact Us’ section below by 5pm on Friday 30th October 2020. We will respond and do our best to assist you.

Planning Process

After this consultation period is concluded, we are planning to submit a Planning Permission in Principle application to Perth and Kinross Council. This is a planning application which aims to establish the acceptability of the site for new housing first, with the detail of the housetypes and exact layouts to be confirmed afterwards.

Our target for submission of the Planning Permission in Principle application is December 2020. There is a 4-month timescale for determination, so we can expect it to be determined by April/May 2021, with the first detailed applications to follow later in 2021. Thereafter, we would expect works to commence in Late 2021 with the first new homes to be built by 2023.

Contact Us

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Email: planning@turnberryuk.com

Please note that comments made at this stage will come only to us at A & J Stephen and should not to be regarded as formal representations to Perth and Kinross Council. Once an application for Planning Permission in Principle has been submitted, there will be an opportunity to make comments directly to the Council during the statutory consultation period.

Next Steps

Following a period of public consultation that will conclude on 30th October 2020, we will be reviewing all comments and collating these in a Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) Report with our response, explaining how the development has been altered or alternatively, providing clarification of the proposals. This report will be included in the submission for Planning Permission in Principle.

Once that submission is made to Perth and Kinross Council, it will be available to view via their website. At that stage in the process, comments can be made directly to the Council on the development proposal.

All A & J Stephen developments are chosen for their outstanding locations, and this site in Pitlochry promises to offer a unique setting for these new homes.